Hexagone Illumination

Specialising in decorations for special events, the studio headed by José Moréno has been designing installations in cities throughout France and even as far afield as Morocco since 2010. It is a family-run business based in the South of France with teams of lighting technicians, metal smiths and artists who pool their skills to create original designs for one-off or permanent installations with a festive feel. Whether it is lighting monuments, shops or special events like the COP22, Hexagone Illumination lives by its credo of "creating lights that fire the imagination” to give urban spaces a new dimension.


By the same artist

De grands rêves à partager (2019)

Thirty illuminations strung over Rue du Président Édouard Herriot set the street aglow and give visitors a delightful view along the kilometre-long straight stretch from Place Bellecour to Place des Terreaux.  Golden orbs suspended beneath delicate glittery swirls float in gravity-defying splendour. Gold and silver arches span the street like birds stretching their shimmering wings.  Visitors gaze upwards to follow the flight of these strange migrating birds through the Lyon night, musing on their exotic travels.

Épouse-moi ! (2018)

Nearly 30 sets of street lights are strung across the entire length of Rue Edouard Herriot at regular intervals. From Place Bellecour to Place des Terreaux, this contemplative installation by Hexagone Illumination provides a beautiful literal and metaphorical perspective. The 30 brightly-lit arches are themed on the jewellery stores that line the high street. At the same time, they are like the banners you might find on a protest march, calling for the people to join as one. Each arch features ten intertwined rings set with pink and white diamonds, shining bright for all to see. The glittering pattern with its clever repetition sounds like a bewitching spell, conveying a cryptic message: make haste and marry me – Épouse-moi!

Boucles (2017)

Rue Edouard Herriot is bedecked with ribbons forming loops of white light. The ribbons alternately converge, become entwined and diverge again symbolising the perpetual cycle of breaking up and reuniting which characterises human relationships. The view of the street - from Place Bellecour or Place des Terreaux - is simply enchanting, whichever way you look at it.

On view from December 7 to 29

Seventies Lights (2016)

A smell of seventies springtime floats in the air in Rue Herriot, bright colours, chromatic petals, a light perspective to accompany you on your walk along this main route on the Presqu’île.

Byzance (2013)

A gallery of shimmering arches in sparkling colors, composed of gold, white and red, and evoking oriental splendor, will show you the way from Cordeliers to Bellecour. On the basin at Place de la République, a flowered carpet evokes oriental gardens.

Roman Tyca (2012)

Drawing on the tradition of our southern European neighbours, magnificent illuminated arches and domes in the Gothic and Romanesque tradition will provide a majestic decor for the rue de la République. From the place Bellecour to the place de la Comédie, the thoroughfare will sparkle with thousands of lights and colours, transporting spectators to the ambience of the patron saints’ festivals of Spain and Italy.