Porté par le Vent


Paraglider Christophe Martine founded Porté par le Vent® in 2002. He runs workshops, exhibitions and wind-themed shows. Light and wind are the raw materials he harnesses to shape his installations. His first collaboration with the Festival of Lights dates back to 2011 with Luminéoles. A keen nature lover, he has invented a universe inhabited by strange flying creatures which he transposes into urban environments from Shanghai to Quito. Is it a bird? Is it a fish? Fruit or flowers? Everyone is free to interpret his artworks as they wish as long as they retain their sense of wonderment. 

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The sky of Vaise is enriched with new stars. Four large, luminous kites are unfurled from Masaryk footbridge more than 30m above the Saône. The bridge seems to be suspended from the « Luminéoles » wit