Porté par le Vent

Paraglider Christophe Martine founded Porté par le Vent® in 2002. He runs workshops, exhibitions and wind-themed shows. Light and wind are the raw materials he harnesses to shape his installations. His first collaboration with the Festival of Lights dates back to 2011 with Luminéoles. A keen nature lover, he has invented a universe inhabited by strange flying creatures which he transposes into urban environments from Shanghai to Quito. Is it a bird? Is it a fish? Fruit or flowers? Everyone is free to interpret his artworks as they wish as long as they retain their sense of wonderment. 

By the same artist

Prairie éphémère (2019)

Place Bellecour, Lyon 2

Around the foot of the statue of Louis XIV, Place Bellecour is transformed into a vast illuminated meadow.  Strange flying creatures – the Luminéoles – inhabit a field planted with 500 pampas grasses. These 4-metre tall glowing plants reflect the light, creating a veritable tableau vivant, first a wild meadow then a bizarre ocean. The grasses and birds interact in a colourful dance. No bigger than ants in this oversized natural world, the spectators gaze upwards in fascination.

Les amours en cage (2019)

Suspended overhead along the Rue de la République, 300 physalis twinkle and change shades in the wind, as if stirred by an invisible breeze.  The public’s gaze is drawn upwards to admire these lush natural lanterns - perforated or ribbed, lily-shaped or open wide to reveal their glowing heart.    Between the Place de la République and Cordeliers, they come alive, responding to the people below and glittering to the tune of a gentle melody creating a unique musical harmony. An interactive, musical dreamscape in the heart of the city.

Les amours en cage (2018)

Les amours en cage is a pathway inspired by the North winds meeting the South winds. Suspended overhead for a kilometre along the Rue de la République, 250 physalis twinkle and change shades in the wind, as if stirred by an invisible breeze. Whilst in the South, these cocoon-shaped plants feature orange lights, those in the North, more mature, have a blueish hue. In the Rue Président Carnot, the opposing winds meet and blue and orange combine to create a purple light. Those that are closed or half-open shine bright, whilst the open physalis reveal their illuminated fruit. This city pathway can be admired right through until the end of December.

Les Pikooks (2017)

Immerse yourself in the peaceful and poetic atmosphere of place de la République… The Pikooks, a pair of blue kites resembling snowy owls, soar across the sky in a wedding dance, while keeping a protective eye on their three eggs below. Their nest is floating in the pond, among the reeds and duckweed. Slowly but surely, these graceful creatures swoop down to join the nest and the atmosphere takes on warmer, orange hues as the chicks get ready to hatch. Red lights pulsate inside the shells, like tiny hearts beating. Will you see them come into the world in this magical experience?

Winter Garden (2014)

Tête d'Or Park, Lyon 6

When night falls, the park will open the doors to a fairy-like, bucolic world: as you stroll along, plants with delicate curves and scintillating flowers will open their buds and corollas in crystalline greenhouses. On the surface of the water, eggs light up on the sleeping lake. Looking toward the sky, you’ll see a nuptial parade of dragonflies and giant carps that watches over this fantastic world.

Entrance at Porte des Enfants du Rhône

The Luminéoles’ Ball - Poésie Céleste (2012)

A light, poetic atmosphere suffuses the banks of the Rhône.

Luminéoles - imaginary light birds with slender wings first seen in 2011 - dance, skimming the water. When they fly off, there is a blaze of colours with the sky and the city as a backdrop. Both banks of the river can enjoy watching this spectacular aerial ballet.

Played againt at:
Glow Eindhoven 2013
Light in Jerusalem 2013

Luminéoles (2011)

The sky of Vaise is enriched with new stars. Four large, luminous kites are unfurled from Masaryk footbridge more than 30m above the Saône. The bridge seems to be suspended from the « Luminéoles » with their white sales and long tails. An unmissable aerial installation.