François Fouilhé, the artist behind the TILT collective, has brought together a team of lighting specialists who describe themselves as "multi-skilled DIY artisans". They create giant lights inspired by nature that are a combination of sculpture and street furniture. During the day, these are living objects – you can sit on the benches – whilst at night, they become illuminated works of art. Over the years, TILT has created a playful and dreamlike world. Their lights were premièred in Lyon and since then they have travelled all over the world, making recent appearances at Lumière London, Singapore's i light Marina Bay and Delight in Beijing. For the first time this year, TILT is joining forces with Porté par le Vent creating an installation on Place Bellecour where Mother Nature shows who’s boss!


By the same artist

Prairie éphémère (2019)

Place Bellecour, Lyon 2

Around the foot of the statue of Louis XIV, Place Bellecour is transformed into a vast illuminated meadow.  Strange flying creatures – the Luminéoles – inhabit a field planted with 500 pampas grasses. These 4-metre tall glowing plants reflect the light, creating a veritable tableau vivant, first a wild meadow then a bizarre ocean. The grasses and birds interact in a colourful dance. No bigger than ants in this oversized natural world, the spectators gaze upwards in fascination.

Les Lustres (2019)

Five huge (6x6m) old fashioned chandelier lights have fallen from an imaginary ceiling. Their tentacular branches reach out, holding twenty lampshades aloft. They wait patiently for the public to come closer before flickering into life, their pale light gradually gaining in intensity. Now they have a taste of freedom, the lights begin to communicate in unison in a burst of colour. This beguiling installation rejuvenates a rather outmoded household accessory, transforming the square into an outdoor ballroom and delighting visitors with an impromptu silent symphony.

Astera (2018)

The aster is a distant cousin of the thistle that is found in the French countryside. It's a wild flower that has adapted to the urban environment, where it can grow up to a height of ten metres.
The aster is an intriguing, silver-coloured plant that shimmers and shines during the day but that transforms into a bewitching creature at nightfall, when its core distils a thick cloud of florid beams that bathes its prickly spine in light.
But the aster is also a flower of the night boasting a very special form of photosynthesis, blossoming at sunset when it reveals all its beauty as it is decked in an infinite number of brilliant colours.

Promenons-nous (2017)

Place Bellecour, Lyon 2

Huge, brightly lit flowers and grasses have taken over the centre of the Place Bellecour, in an installation that invites visitors to stop and contemplate. Louis XIV, as the majestic "head gardener" draped in his cape of light, takes pride of place in the middle of this gigantic French formal garden, which, if you look carefully, also harbours the first light seeds of future plants.

Come and take a stroll in the peaceful and happy atmosphere created by this garden of light. Sit down for a moment for a chat at the foot of a giant peony, run through the huge grasses and explore the King's garden of curiosities, with its unusual plants. Then continue on your way through the Festival of Lights, re-energised after your break.

Les Pockets (2017)

Four giant old-fashioned “pocket” torches stand erect in front of Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport’s recently opened terminal 1B to welcome arrivals to Lyon. Their multicoloured pastel hues bring a touch of comfort and joy to this concrete and glass environment as they flash on and off.  They awaken childhood memories, extending a warm, if rather nostalgic, welcome to visitors to Lyon and giving them a first taste of the Festival of Lights!

Ros'O (2016)

Bouquets of five differently sized luminous bulrushes shine in various shades of red, reaching up to 7 metres in height. Cylindrical and flexible, these delicate plants are inspired by a bucolic landscape transposed into an urban universe where light reinvents plant life. A little pop of sparkle and glamour for this wild plant species which normally grows on the edges of rivers and ponds.

Les Pivoines (2016)

Come and take a break in this winter garden, created in a place filled with magnolias in the spring. Delicate paper flowers, 7 metres high, are lit in vibrant red once night has fallen, forming bouquets of light. Following the rhythm of the light, the stamens in its heart radiate a vibrant red glow which warms the petals and diffuses a transparent warm light. A soothing walk where you can take a break by these bouquets to take advantage of this breath of floral air.

Pocket Lights (2014)

At the end of Morand Bridge, high over Place Lyautey, you will find a giant version of ever-enduring pocket lights. With their vintage colors, they illuminate different points of space with multiple shades, creating a joyful, warm atmosphere. Give in to sweet nostalgia while you contemplate these dozen pocket lights as they turn on, blink and change color, seeming to converse with each other.

Reach Place Lyautey by crossing the Morand Bridge

Light In (2012)

As a summer day, the square seems dotted with bouquet of flowers arching up towards the sky, reminiscent of a summer’s day. However, as night falls, these white flowers with their simple outlines become lampshades, towering over the space on their long stems. Adorned with a thousand colours, they orchestrate a symphony of light with changing hues. As members of the public wander through this light sculpture garden, they can bask in the their soft coloured lights by standing at the base of a bouquet as they survey the square at a glance and let themselves be hypnotised by the interplay of continuously changing lights.

Played again at :
« Biarritz s’habille de Lumières » 2012
Les « Asteras » in Amsterdam Light Festival 2013
Illuminations Tourcoing 2013
Dubaï festival of lights 2014

Tropicbirds, flamingos and "lampounettes" (2010)

Silently and using energy-efficient technology, a cheerful and original festive illumination has appeared above the rue de la République. Wherever you are, look up and a flight of luminous flamingos and tropicbirds will catch your eye! Throughout the Fête, this installation is complemented with 4 groups of “ lampounettes”, giant lamps which are over 4 metres tall!

This fascinating vista is the fruit of a collaboration between the Lyon-based designers at Pitaya and the lighting designers TILT from the Drôme département.

« Lampounettes » were played again at:
Illuminations Aubagne 2011
Night Lights 2011, Singapour
Hellfest 2012, Clisson
Festival Lausanne Lumière 2012
Sharjah Light Festival 2013 (Emirats arabes unis)
Plaisirs d’hiver 2013, Bruxelles

And « Lumigrateurs» at:
Luci d’Artista 2011, Turin
Härryda 2011 (Suède)
Göteborg 2011