Publication of public procurement for the artistic programming of the 2023 Fête des Lumières


Five lots have just been published on the City of Lyon's public procurement website to ensure the artistic programming of certain major sites of the Fête des Lumières.


The sites concerned by the public contracts are the following:
• Place des Jacobins
• Cathédrale Saint-Jean
• Colline de Fourvière
• Place des Terreaux
• Place Louis Pradel

The answers will be done by dematerialized way only. Please note that sending a file by email is not allowed (your file will be automatically rejected).

Documents may only be submitted electronically on the City of Lyon's buyer profile.

The full list of documents to be provided is specified in the tender regulations.
You can download a tutorial in English to help you better understand the public procurement platform :


Display the consultation

Closing date for applications is april 14th, 2023.

The call for projects is still open for applications until March 29. You will find all the information here.

Write to us at  so that we can include you in our contact database or make any changes to your contact information

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