Jacques Rival

Architect Jacques Rival created his own global and multi-disciplinary design studio to develop projects involving lights, fixtures and installations, in both public and private areas.

He started creating original, temporary cityscape projects in Lyon, such as the giant snowball in Place Bellecour in 2006. He enjoys making offbeat use of dated household objects, always adding a good sprinkling of humour to his projects. He also seeks to reconnect with the world of childhood, creating a dreamlike sense of wonder in his audiences.


By the same artist

Big Tree (2018)

You can’t miss the huge illuminated tree on place de la République. From its 16-metre high vantage point, it looks down on the passers-by and admires its reflection in the illuminated fountain. With its dynamically lit metal branches, the tree looks like a giant pictogram. Different visual and sound displays illustrate the passing of the four seasons punctuated by unexpected interludes. A magical mesmerizing experience mirrored on the surface of the water.

Big Tree will be converted into a Christmas tree after the festival, keeping the people of Lyon company until December 31. Various attractions will be organised.

Golden Hours (2017)

The only place you would expect to see a clock in a glass dome is on your great-aunt’s mantelpiece. But if you go to place des Jacobins, you will find its 19th century fountain has been transformed into a monumental mantel clock under a dome! It chimes every quarter of an hour in an outburst of light. The hours go by as fast as seconds in this whimsical installation.

*The Golden Hour is the name given by photographers to the fleeting moment shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the sun is on the horizon, casting the perfect light for a photo.


Sweet City and Candles from the Heart (2014)

In 2014, support the 150th anniversary of the French Red Cross by participating on December 8 in the composition of a giant lighted fresco with thousands of candles.

Les Lumignons du Coeur (Candles from the Heart) is located on the Montée de la Grande Côte, where a monumental light bulb shines, with a filament in the shape of a beating heart. This signal, which can be seen throughout the city, was created  by architect and visual artist Jacques Rival.

With the support of Le Progrès

I Love Clouds (2011)

Place Bellecour, Lyon 2

An immense bouquet of illuminated balloons seems to want to sweep away in to the clouds the sculpture which has impassibly dominated the place Bellecour for almost two centuries. Floating between heaven and earth, the balloons will form a giant cluster rising to 25 m above this statue, so familiar to the people of Lyon, appearing to invite it to leave its urban realm to rise into the azure sky. A poetic escape and festive evocation, this flight of light will possess the square and flood it with its presence.

Played again at :
Depayz’art 2012, Brie Comte Robert