Pitaya is a creative light art studio founded by David Lesort and Arnaud Giroud in Lyon which made its debut at the Festival of Lights in 2006. Every year since then, the studio has come up with a new project - sculptures, lights or installations - showcased in outdoor urban festivals. Light is explored in all its facets, revealing and outlining shapes. Pitaya’s works transform the space around them, changing perceptions and generating new experiences. As part of their exploration of light in public spaces, Pitaya has started producing its own indoor or outdoor lights for private commissions or as limited editions.


By the same artist

Planétoïdes (2021)

A stroll along the Rue de la République now feels like a trip on a spaceship. As you gaze into the cosmos above, you see enigmatic stars emerging from the shadows.

In a random, organic dance, the light creates ever-changing and almost hypnotic patterns.


Artistic intent

This artwork takes inspiration from the space adventures which fuel our imagination, both as children and adults.

Journey of Lamp Post (2018)

This intimate installation tells the story of the travels of three street lamps. Tired of lining up at regular intervals, the lamp posts have escaped and set off to discover the world... They're taking a rest in the Grolée district, much like tall, spindly puppets, their long legs making them look particularly lanky. The street lamps tower over us benevolently and seem to observe us, their light as soft as sleeping breath. When they're alone, they chat to each other by signalling with their lights. But when visitors come near, they stop as though to greet them, lighting up or turning their beam on full to start the conversation... They're curious and happy to finally get to meet the world!


Les Moucharabiés (2017)

Take the quintessential cobbled street known as the Montée du Gourgillon up to Fourvière hill and enjoy a moment's peace and calm during the Festival of Lights. Featuring intimate, old-fashioned lighting, this attraction forms a contrast to some of the other more exuberant displays. The delicate brass shades of the street lanterns have Moorish moucharaby designs that create a subdued, golden light. Shadows projected onto the walls emphasise the size of the street and enhance its alcoves. There's an air of the Middle East in the Montée du Gourgillon this year.

Les Wisps (2017)

The Rue de la République is pulsing with the energy of the Wisps, coils of light symbolizing the invisible power emanating from living matter in our environment. These luminous spirals are wound round tree trunks, flying from their branches and underlining the greenery of this urban thoroughfare. Blades of light twist and twirl over your head in perfect harmony along the street interspersed by lampposts creating milestones along your imaginary journey.

►On view from December 7 to 29

Moucharabié (2016)

Lanterns are covered with an openwork metal mesh. The street becomes a sparkling, luminous ocean that evokes the quaint charm of an old passageway lighted by candles.

Promoval project. With the contribution of residents from the 5th arrondissement who decorate windows on Montée du Gourguillon with hundreds of lumignon candles.

How Are Streetlights Born? (2014)

Rue Royale, Lyon 1

Budding streetlights have invaded the sidewalks! Watch those in bloom and those that have reached maturity, standing proudly erect, while certain plants grow in a strange way.

Colors of the Garden (2014)

Place Carnot, Lyon 2

Observe this garden, where scintillating flowers invade the trees, while strange plants with diaphanous corollas cast a softly lighted halo on the ground. This vegetal paradise transforms itself as you watch. Its sparkling colors give way to glacial shades, then to a golden, glowing radiance.

The Village In The Sky (2013)

Banks of the Rhône, Lyon 3, Lyon 6

When night falls, its little houses light up one after the other, as if their inhabitants were returning home. Suddenly, they come to life and dance a singular ballet between water and sky: the piles of containers sway like river beacons, their sides turn, the cubes move about in a colorful design.

Houses made by a local woodwork company which offers adapted job for disabled person and which recycles the wood from pallets.

Héliofil (2012)

Ces grandes suspensions s'inspirent librement du maillage issu de l'imagerie 3D. Aux limites du virtuel et du réel, les fils de couleurs fluorescents jaillissent du néant. Comme des pierres précieuses taillées pour en obtenir le meilleur éclat, les lignes graphiques des écrins de fils sont révélées par la lumière de la nuit et flottent au dessus des passants.

Transit-ION (2012)

Gare Part-Dieu, Lyon 3

On the station concourse coloured, structured parallel lines rise up to an animated ceiling and seem to cross the panes of glass to spread into rays which cross the square – as if inviting us to go and lose ourselves in the city.

Aquastell (2011)

Place Raspail, Lyon 7 Place Jutard, Lyon 7

Feet in the water, head in the stars… This beautiful installation illustrates the dynamic nature of the Rhône and its connection with Europe. Jets of water, « sources of light » shoot up from the Place Raspail to the Place Jutard, giving way to a broad palette of colours and movements. These luminous jets open out into graceful arcs, between which spectators walk, their feet in virtual water or on the stars of the European flag.

Tropicbirds, flamingos and "lampounettes" (2010)

Silently and using energy-efficient technology, a cheerful and original festive illumination has appeared above the rue de la République. Wherever you are, look up and a flight of luminous flamingos and tropicbirds will catch your eye! Throughout the Fête, this installation is complemented with 4 groups of “ lampounettes”, giant lamps which are over 4 metres tall!

This fascinating vista is the fruit of a collaboration between the Lyon-based designers at Pitaya and the lighting designers TILT from the Drôme département.

« Lampounettes » were played again at:
Illuminations Aubagne 2011
Night Lights 2011, Singapour
Hellfest 2012, Clisson
Festival Lausanne Lumière 2012
Sharjah Light Festival 2013 (Emirats arabes unis)
Plaisirs d’hiver 2013, Bruxelles

And « Lumigrateurs» at:
Luci d’Artista 2011, Turin
Härryda 2011 (Suède)
Göteborg 2011