Collectif Coin

Coin Collective is a creative, shifting trans-disciplinary laboratory based in Grenoble, in which artists form partnerships for specific events. Their common factor is that they all work in digital art. The collective's artistic director, Maxime Houot, frequently changes his cap, working as a musician, stage designer or a tireless "tinkerer" in electronics and microcontrollers. He creates devices that digitally represent a space and then fashions them to suit the site of his installation. They are all ingrained with his naive, dreamlike vision of the world, which is both troubled and enchanted.

Globoscope from Collectif Coin on Vimeo.

By the same artist

Abstract (2017)

Through its use of light, Abstract seeks embody Einstein's theory – according to which "the flow of time is an illusion" – in space and make it more intelligible to the public. A forest of vertical masts decorates the lawns of the Place Antonin Poncet. Brightly lit triangles move over these masts to music with almost hypnotic slowness, symbolising the inexorable passing of time. The synchronised choreography invites visitors to stroll around the installation, slowly or briskly as they please.

Globoscope (2017)

With Globoscope, the Coin Collective seeks to create a large-scale reproduction of the functioning of a screen, with each ball of light representing a pixel. The balls are arranged to fill the whole square and hypnotise viewers, who either take a step back to get a better grasp of the work or else are "glued to the screen", taking a surrealist and poetic walk across the grass.

Funded by Smart and Green

H2O (2012)

Place Gailleton, Lyon 2

Collectif Coin is joining forces with Nohista, to present « H2O », an exploration of the symbol the circle (of water) in its various forms by transforming the circle into a droplet, an iceberg, and a cloud, thus defining the different temporalities that the audience can experience.

A screen with 400 helium balloons will float in the wind. Their collective movements will be accompanied by a visual and sound creation specially designed by Nohista for the Fête des Lumières 2012. « H2O » will draw spectators into the mysterious world of these unusual artists who blend multimedia technology with poetry.

Played again at  :
EC Art Lighting festival 2013, Birmingham